About us

All our instructors are professionally qualified, with many years of experience providing quality driving lessons on Sydney’s roads. Our instructors know your area in and out, as they themselves are locals. We comprehensively teach learners the New South Wales road rules and provide personalized on road driver training until our students build up the necessary skills and confidence to pass their driving test NSW. Following the successful completion of their driving test, we expect our learners to remain equipped and embody the defensive driving mindset we have instilled in them from the very beginning to ensure they remain safe and confident drivers. Our training methods :

  1. An initial skill assessment
  2. Tailoring a lesson plan structured on key skill components with an expected time horizon
  3. Customized training with progress assessed
  4. Review of the progress
  5. Clearing queries
  6. Mock tests

RMS/RTA accreditation

We hire only Certified Driver Instructors with National accredited training and assessment.

Hands-on experience

Our Certified Instructors will make safe driving a high priority, through discussion and role modelling for self-learning.

Working with Children Certificates

Our instructors have Working with Children Certificates and take full responsibility for their safety. As such, for our novice learners, parents can rely on us to pick up their child and drop them off safely.

Friendly approach

We are friendly and passionate about our teaching. Because of our positive and enthusiastic attitude we create a strong rapport with learners to ensure that they feel comfortable behind the wheel.

Flexible learning

We are available 7 days a week and endeavour to cater to your lesson requests. Lessons can be arranged to fit your availability and location.

Your mentor behind the wheel

If you are unsure or have any doubts we will guide you through the journey of learning to drive. Call us to clear up anything we have mentioned!

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