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In this examination tips blog, we will now specifically look at manoeuvring.

What is manoeuvring?

Manoeuvring refers to how you position your vehicle in a correct, safe and accurate manner.

Why must you be skilled at manoeuvring your vehicle?

  1. It affects how you share the road with other drivers and oncoming traffic
  2. This component is critically assessed in your driving exam.

Whilst many learner’s may initially struggle with manoeuvring their vehicle, with correct and plentiful practice, our driving instructors in Epping and Macquarie Park will ensure you are test and road ready. With over 10 years of local experience as one of Sydney’s best driving schools and the premier Driving School in Epping and Sydney’s Lower North Shore, our teaching style is one that is proven and results oriented. As part of your bespoke less-plan and our practical approach to teaching, we seek to gradually build your driving skills and confidence with plentiful coaching and practice.

During your lessons, our instructor will teach you on how to properly and safely administer a kerb side stop, a hill start, a three-point turn and a variety of different parks (including the reverse parallel park – one of the most challenging and assessed types of parking).

Depending on your current level of skill, as assessed by our expert driving instructors in Epping, we may start you off in an empty car park – This tends to be in a quieter street especially around North Ryde. Eventually, as a fully skilled driver, our instructors at Autogear Driving School in Epping and Macquarie Park will work alongside you help you become more comfortable and capable of driving and manoeuvring your vehicle along the busy Epping road, between Epping and Macqauire and also Herring Road, just outside the Macquarie Centre RMS driver testing centre.

For any questions regarding manoeuvres or how to become a more confident driver, get in touch with Autogear Driving School today !

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