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Overtaking quite simply is when another vehicle wants to get in front of a car it was previously behind. This is a manoeuvre you will need to perform quite frequently as a driver.

Overtaking needs to be done safely, at the legal speed limit and only once you have performed all the necessary checks.

Here are some steps to follow before and during the overtake and are some of the key assessable points that our driving instructors in Chatswood will observe/guide you on;



During the overtake:


At Autogear Driving School in Chatswood, we will equip you with all the necessary skills to perform a legal and safe overtake. Our Driving instructors Chatswood and all across the Lower North Shore of Sydney will work with you until you are a confident motorist able to (1) quickly identify when to perform an overtake and (2) how to do so safely. With our decade long driver-coaching and instructing, and local expertise, be reassured you are in the right hands for all your driver education needs.

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